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Axe Recharge Marine Splash Deodorant, 150ml (details)

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  • Fragrance has fresh notes

  • Feel fresh and confident

  • Fragrance family fresh

  • A sparkling fragrance, crafted with fresh, citrusy notes

  • Fragrances crafted by leading fragrance experts in the world

  • Fresh, powerful fragrance that is long lasting

Product description

Feel a cool splash with this sparkling fragrance, infused with fresh, citrus top notes combined with a masculine woody base. It is a fresh, powerful fragrance that lasts long. Feel fresh and confident with this classic fragrance. It keeps you smelling great throughout the day. Remember the feel of sitting on the beach and relaxing while looking at the waves. The scent of it brings back so many memories. We bottled it up just for you. This is where the vacation begins, spray this on and beat the heat whenever you take a step out and feel like you are at a seashore with the waves on your feet and the wind your hair. Be confident even in harsh temperatures with the Axe recharge collection. When the going gets hot, the hot get going. The new Axe recharge range has unique and refreshing fragrances that will keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day. The refreshing hits of fragrance fill your senses with freshness from the moment the spray touches your skin to multiple hot moments during the rest of your day. The all new range with 5 trendsetting variants are for those who’re always on the move. It is the best way to recharge your attraction.