Amazon : AXE Signature Gold Italian Perfume Bergamot and Amber Wood 80ml (details)


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AXE Signature Gold Italian Perfume, Bergamot and Amber Wood, 80ml (details)

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  • Axe Signature Gold Ultra Premium Perfume for men

  • Fine fragrance in a beautifully crafted matte glass bottle

  • From the World’s #1 Male Deodorant

  • Premium long lasting fragrance crafted with unique exotic ingredients

  • Key Ingredients: Italian Bergamot & Amber Wood

  • Bold & masculine, woody fragrance Safe on skin

Product description

The World’s # 1 Male Deodorant Axe, presents ‘Axe Signature Gold’ Ultra Premium Perfumes. A range of fine fragrances that are packaged in beautiful and stylish matte glass bottles. Designed by the world’s leading perfumers, each Axe Signature Gold fragrance is specially crafted with some of the world’s most exotic and refined ingredients to bring out what’s unique in you.

A bold and masculine, woody fragrance that will captivate those around you. This is a perfume distinguished by its sophisticated and classy notes. At its heart is a smooth combination of rich amber wood & sandalwood with flirtations of freesia, red apple and Italian bergamot.

Make every special occasion extra special with Axe Signature Gold Italian Bergamot and Amber Wood Perfume. Spray it on your pulse points, the heat generated by your pulse intensifies the fragrance and amplifies its projection. Add that extra twist to your style. With this perfume, you’ll make an impression that lingers on. Don’t fade away like the rest. Catch attention and arouse curiosity in the moments that count.

Rich, mesmerizing fragrances in a slick and elegant glass bottle, the Axe Signature Gold range of ultra premium perfumes is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.