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Havells 6A Four-Way Extension Board (White) (details)

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  • Durable & Ergonomic design

  • Rating -6A, 240V (1440VA)

  • 4 Universal sockets with Master Switch, Optimum wire length for residential uses

  • LED Indication for power status

  • 1.5m Heavy duty wire

  • Robust inbuilt surge protection

  • Adequate spacing between sockets to accommodate

  • Multiple plug tops
  • Wall / table mounting option
  • Replaceable fuse for overload protection

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Product description

Product Description

When it comes to considering significant stuffs like wires and extension boards, you should always opt for the best. A little mistake in selecting these some improvement products can cause a great harm to your house and to the residents as well. You may say that you are confused because it is difficult to obtain the superior one from the extensive range of extension boards. If you really wish to get hold of the most ideal product, the one which reflects both class and quality, then bring home the Havells 10A Four-Way Extension Board today. You may wonder why would you choose this particular extension board when many of them are easily available in the market. Well, you would be left awestruck to learn about the distinctive features that this utility product from the house of Havells, comes with.  The white coloured extension board comes with a Surge Capacity of 6500. The length of the board is 8.7 centimeters, its Width is 4.5 centimeters and the Height is 38.5 centimeters. The extension board comes with a Power of 2400 watts, Voltage of 240 volts and Frequency of 50 hertz. The extension board comes with a Heavy Duty 3 Core x 0.75 Sq. mm Power Cable. It is 1.5 Meters long. The board has been equipped with 4 universal sockets with shutters to ensure complete safety for the child. The user-friendly gadget comes with a Stand and a carrier too. Havells has used ABS housing material for high impact and good chemical resistance. Therefore, there is no need to rush from one store to another to buy the extension board. Rather buy Havells Extension Board online only.

From the Manufacturer

Want to protect the electronics at your home from sudden power surges? Keep your home electronics especially your computers, peripherals and other household electronics working and protected by shopping online for this Havells 6A four-way extension board in white. This extension board features four sockets that are controlled by a single On/Off switch. With a surge capacity of 6500, it ensures that your devices are well-protected while running simultaneously. Havells is one of the most trusted names in household electrical products and this four-way extension board is a classic example. Dimensions of the Extension Board The Havells 6A extension board measures 8.7 centimetres in length, is 4.5 centimetres wide and 38.5 centimetres in height. It features a stand and carrier option for the user’s convenience. The white Havells 6A extension board suits the décor of your home. Four Sockets with Shutters for Child Safety The robust design of this four-way extension board features four sockets so you can connect four devices to it. It also offers enhanced protection with shutters so your child does not accidently place his or her fingers inside the socket. There’s no danger of your little ones being harmed when various devices are in use. ABS Housing Material Ensures High Impact and Chemical Resistance Apart from the aesthetics, the ABS construction of the Havells extension board ensures high impact and chemical resistance. You are rest assured that the Havells four-way extension board is reliable and a durable option for all your power needs. Heavy Duty, 1.5 Metre Power Cable Want to connect the various devices placed at various points in your house? The Havells 6A four-way extension board in white available on Amazon India has a 1.5 metre extension that lets you connect to devices across your living space. It features a heavy duty, 3 Core x 0.75 square millimetre cable. However, it is recommended that you uncoil the cable fully before you begin to use it. Using the Havells Extension Board This heavy duty extension board from the house of Havells can be used to power a number of home appliances, computers, instruments or sensitive electronic equipment as it features inbuilt protection against surges and spikes. Power Needs of the Havells Extension Board The power specifications of the Havells extension board are power: 2400 watts, voltage: 240 volts, and frequency: 50 hertz. Havells has emerged as a leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company and boasts a strong, global footprint. The company is known for its offerings in the industrial and domestic wiring segment including cables, wires, switches and other home appliances.