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Philips 69221/14/86 Advantez FDS500 EyeCare Desk Light (Silver and Synthetic) (details)

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  • Bulb Base: E27

  • Aluminium reflector with Philips light-style technology, for optimal light distribution

  • 360 degree flexible gooseneck arm to enable easy focusing

  • Dual layered shade with exciting spill-effects

  • Voltage: 220 volts

  • Number of Bulbs: 1

  • Maximum Wattage Replacement Bulb: 11 watts

  • Light Colour: 6500K, cool day light
  • Lamp Lifetime Up to: 8000 hours
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes: Desk light (11-watt CFL included)

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Product description

Product Description

Desk light with adjustable gooseneck arm

The Philips Advantez FDS500 desk light is an ergonomically designed desk lamp with EyeCare technology that minimizes the harsh effects of light on your eyes. Thanks to the 360 degree flexible gooseneck of the Philips fds500 desk light silver, you can adjust the light in your work area as per your convenience. This desk light comes with an E27 Bulb base, which can hold an 11W lamp that efficiently lights up your desk while you work. Its CFL bulb lasts for up to 8000 hours and delivers an emission resembling cool day light of color temperature 6500K.

Powered with light-style technology delivering optimum performance

Sporting an aluminum reflector that is equipped with Philips light-style technology, this desk light ensures optimal distribution of light. The Philips Advantez FDS500 lamp runs on a voltage of 220 volts, thus saving energy. Moreover, the bulb of the Philips desk light does not flicker when you switch it on and lights up instantly and effortlessly. Designed with a dual layered shade, this desk light emits exciting spill effects. For enhanced durability and strength, the desk light is made of a high-quality steel and synthetic body. The sleek silver sheen on its body makes it visually appealing too.

  • Brand: Philips
  • Bulb Base: E27
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Number of Bulbs: 1
  • Maximum Wattage Replacement Bulb: 11W
  • Equipped with aluminium reflector
  • Comes with gooseneck arm that rotates 360 degree and enables easy focusing
  • Get exciting spill-effects with dual layered shade

From the Manufacturer

The Philips FDS500 EyeCare desk light offers excellent utility as a desk light in an energy efficient manner. It comes with a reflector that makes use of the Philips light style technology, and ensures that the light is distributed as effectively as possible. The E27 bulb base is made to accommodate a 11 watt lamp that provides just as much light as is required.

A goose-neck arm that can rotate 360 degrees offers convenience in terms of adjusting the desk light as per user requirements. Because of a dual layered shade, a variety of interesting spill effects can be observed. With the specified colour temperature of 6500K, you can now have an illumination around you which always resembles cool daylight.

When it comes to starting such lighting devices, a lot are seen to flicker before giving out a steady source of light. The Philips desk light however switches on effortlessly, and is completely free from flickering in general. The body of this desk light is made from steel and synthetics to achieve a strong and durable build quality.

Giving out a maximum voltage of 220V, this desk light has a lamp lifetime of up to 8000 hrs. A relatively light weight of 2025 g makes it easy to be carried around. The Philips FDS500 also makes use of an electrical ballast to limit the power flowing through the circuit, and enhances device durability. You can conveniently read whatever you like, and whenever you like with the help of this handy appliance from Philips.

Product Features

  • The body is made from steel and synthetics
  • Comes with a 11W energy saving lamp
  • Available in the colour of silver
  • Lamp has a lifetime of nearly 8000 hrs
  • Colour temperature of 6500K resembles cool daylight
Q: Why should you use a desk light?

Desk lights fall under the category of task lights. As task light serves the function of localized lighting which provides you with the adequate amount of light needed to perform a given task.

Task lighting may be used for activities which need high focus – reading, writing, craft work, working, using a computer, putting on makeup or even shaving.

Your regular light in the house is not designed to be suitable for all activities. It is also not efficient to use your regular lighting for all sorts of tasks. You can dim down your regular lights to create a soothing atmosphere and use only a task light for the work you are doing. This saves energy and is also better for your eyes.

If you are using the desk light in an area such as the living room with TV and other ambient light, you may want to use an LED desk light – which will have a more focused beam and will not interfere with your other lighting.

Q: What kind of desk light is suitable to you?

A good desk light will save you from eye strain and headaches. As you get older, your eyes need more light to be able to focus better on the task at hand. However, starting young is the key to keeping your eyes healthy.

Warm color temperatures are soothing and make for nice atmosphere, while cooler color temperatures stimulate the brain and may increase productivity.

Philips LED desk lights use a matte diffuser and are designed to reduce glare, eye strain and eye fatigue.

We recommend products ranging from 3-5W for all your home needs.

Q: How should a desk light be used?

A desk light should be used away from your eyes and either above/behind your head. The lamp source should never be directed towards your eyes.

Q: Should I buy an LED desk light or any would do?

An LED desk light is a safe and more effective option for your needs at home if you are looking for a product which lasts you long.

1. Incandescent bulb/CFL/Unbranded LED desk lights heat up very quickly. A good LED product will heat up only 1/5th of regular lamp based/unbranded led product. This means that even if you or your child touches a Philips LED Desk light by mistake, it will never hurt you. It stays cool and we ensure the body of the Desk light is made of safe materials.

2. Philips LED desk light has a CRI of >80 which ensures your colors are bright and accurate. This makes all your crafting, coloring projects look accurate and well co-ordinated!

3. Philips LED desk lights will last you long. A halogen bulb lasts only 2000 hours whereas an LED product will last you at least 4 times as much.