Amazon : Reversible AC Double Bed ComforterBlanketQuiltDuvet For Winters- Lightbrown amp Darkbrown (details)


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Reversible AC Double Bed Comforter/Blanket/Quilt/Duvet For Winters- Lightbrown & Darkbrown (details)

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  • Soft, cosy and light weight reversible comforter with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling

  • 100 percent microfibre shell for a rich, luxurious feel

  • Hypoallergenic filling which protects against allergens

  • Machine stitched pattern to keep the filling in place for durability

  • Pack Contents: 1 cloth Fusion comforter (Double, 230 cm X 254 cm)

Product description



Color Name:Lightbrown & Darkbrown

Warm, Cozy & Lightweight Comforter

  1. Filled with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester
  2. Cloth Fusion comforters are designed to keep you warm and cozy.
  3. Perfect for usage during mild winters and in air-conditioned rooms
  4. These lightweight comforters are perfect for everyday use

High Quality Finish for a Luxurious Feel

  1. Cloth Fusion Comforters are made from 100% microfiber exterior shell for a rich and luxurious feel.
  2. The brightly Colored comforter can enhance the décor of your bedroom while providing an unmatched level of comfort to you and your family.

Cloth Fusion Comforter by Lagom Retail Store

Bring soft and cozy feel to your bed with our Premium Hotel Quality Linen comforter.
They are extensively used in hotels because of their high durability and suitability for all seasons in AC rooms.

  • Cloth Fusion is a well-known brand for quality product.
  • This comforter features Siliconized Fiberfill Comforter which is give you a cozy feel and relaxing sleep at night.
  • It is perfect for whatever your bedding needs are. Our comforter is a masterpiece!
  • It is versatile – use at home, when traveling or for TV watching or sleeping.
  • Washing care: Not only is our comforter amazing, but it is also easy to care for! No need to take it to the dry cleaners, as it is machine washable in a gentle cycle with icy water.

    Cloth Fusion is a premium brand that manufactures and supplies high quality Luxury and hotel quality products. Check out our Lagom Retail Store on Amazon for buying Products. For further information please contact on +91-9555655661.

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