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  • Manufactured in a modern, automated plant using European Technology. Protects the tank from rust and corrosion.

  • Acts as pressure release valve, non-return valve, expansion valve and vacuum release valve.

  • Suitable for pressure pumps and multi – storey buildings.

  • A Special device to enhance the corrosion protection of the tank by means of “Cathode Action”

  • Reduces heat losses and keeps water hot for much longer.

Product description

Lyra, the new range of water heaters are the perfect balance of aesthetics, features and performance. The simple but elegant design is powered with porcelain enamel technology and sturdy components that guarantees to give your mornings the perfect start.Lyra, the latest water heater from Venus offers you the best of both worlds – reliability and great looks. The front panel comes in a palette of vibrant colours that can be changed to match any bathroom interior and provides a striking exterior.